Our mission is to see your project through to completion providing excellent service, quality workmanship, and timely completion. JD Engle Construction is the right choice for your project.  From start to finish our commitment to customer satisfaction and broad scope of available services will make your project easy.  JD Engle Construction-We make it happen! 


Started in 1998, JD Engle Construction began as a residential construction company,  we quickly gained the trust of our customers by providing fair prices, being honest and working hard. Not many years after opening we began taking on commercial work and used the same recipe to gain the trust of our customers in the corporate world as well.  We no longer offer residential services but we enjoy the memories and nostalgia of youth when we get to work on a residential project with Nicole Curtis or This Old House.

 As the work load has increased we have found greater need to control skilled labor that before we would have subcontracted. This has allowed us to keep our pricing low and quality high as others have increased cost and lowered quality. 

Flooring, electrical services, custom millwork and furniture, corporate maintenance and in house design are some of the added branches to the     JD Engle corporate tree.

We offer full-service, start to finish, project management making it possible to provide our Commercial Customers with efficient quality workmanship to get them back to normal operations on time and under budget. 

We at JDEC are proud that were representing the City of Detroit and want to work together through whatever means we can to progress this great city back to it's former glory.